Hardware Solutions
Our SPECIALITY is to supply, implement, maintain and support hardware requirements for our clients. We provide a cost effective solution for our clients according to requirements and budgets. Value added services provided include pre-loading software according to client’s needs, delivery and set-up. Connectivity and set-up of applications are but a few of the services provided with the supply of IT related hardware:Stand alone and rack mounted Servers.

  • Printers from desktop and group printers including lasers, dot matrix, line printers, plotters and ink jet printers.
  • Desktop PC’s, Workstations and Dumb Terminals.
  • PC, Monitor and Printer repairs.
  • Storage and Backup hardware.
  • Storage Area Network Solutions.
  • Scanners from Desktop to fast OCR scanners.
  • Printer Consumables, Ink and Toner cartridges.
  • UPS’s, Generator and other power protection solutions.

Software Solutions:
The focus is on Small Medium Enterprises software solutions. We provide our clients with superior business management software solutions that deliver competitive advantages and increase profitability and efficiency. We are dedicated to the implementation and maintenance software. We offer a range of complete systems.

  • Microsoft Range.
  • Corel Range.
  • Adobe Range.
  • QuickBooks Range.
  • Pastel Range.
  • McAfee Range.
  • Symantec Range.

Web hosting and Design Solutions:
We provide our clients with a complete Web hosting and Web design solution that delivers competitive advantages and increases profitability and efficiency.